Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Flowery hedges

All the recent rain has at least resulted in lots of green everywhere. I took the dog for a wander round the lanes yesterday, in between the showers, and could have stood and stared at this hedgebank all afternoon. This particular hedgerow is managed for conservation and it's so beautiful at this time of year. There's Sweet Woodruff, Bluebells, Red Campion, Yellow Archangel, Cow Parsley, Ferns, Dandelions, Wild Strawberries, Avens, Buttercups, Stitchwort and more, with Foxgloves and Meadowsweet to follow. Earlier there was Broomrape and Primroses, and carpets of lesser celandine to brighten the gloom.
At the Garden Show at the weekend I bought some more lovely plants for my garden, including pink cowparsley - can't wait for that to fill some spaces!

See our 'shop' on Coriandr (yes - coriandr with no 'e'

We've discovered a British alternative to 'Etsy' for selling handmade lovelies and should have our things for sale - in UK pounds! - by the weekend. Marvellous! There will be a link through to the shop on the Wardrobe page, so keep your eyes open......