The Organic Welsh Wool Project

A project in collaboration with Juliet Morris of Ystrad Farm in Carmarthenshire to raise awareness of, promote and help develop opportunities for wool produced on organic farms in Wales.
For more about the Project, see posts on the main blog page or more on Organic Centre Wales' website; on this page you'll find updates on what is happening.

June 2013.

Juliet has completed the report for this project and it's available here .

For the weekend 10th/11th June the collection was exhibited at Meend Farm in Monmouthshire. This farm, previously owned by the council, was taken on by Kate Humble and Ludo Graham to prevent it's break up when the council decided to sell it. Farmer Tim and his wife run the farm, and help run the various courses that are being developed. Kate & Ludo are very hands on, determined to help people understand  rural life and food production.....and wool!

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