Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Cambrian Mountains Wool Project

So let's start off 2015 with this - 'cos there's a great Challenge involved and the deadline for your submissions is looming up very quickly!

What's it all about? Well, find out lots more from the website but here's a potted history:

a few years ago now the Cambrian Mountains Initiative was set up to work at promoting, encouraging and stimulating the very rural economy of Mid Wales. The Initiative started out with lamb and has done a fantastic job of raising the profile of farmed products. Wool has also been part of the scene for most of that time, but there wasn't a clear way forward.

Two seminars for all interested people, including reps from the British Wool Marketing Board, to explore possibilities were held, and research carried out by the Textile Technologies Project....much groundwork was underway.

Having found a source of very beautiful yarns, grown to very high standards in the Region, my Wensleydale knitwear was accepted as the first to qualify for licensing - using the quality mark for products from the Cambrian Mountains Region.

The Steering Group, of which I am a member, began to look further, with the Wool Board, at the possibilities of buying and processing traceably Welsh wool - harder than you may think and a whole different story. But look! We're doing it, and presenting you with a Challenge - check it out and share far and wide...the closing date is 2nd Feb so no time to lose!

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